Chalk Bags & Chalk

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Trad Chalk Bag [{"Product Name":"Trad Chalk Bag","Product Code":"CB23BLK","EAN":"","Colour":"Black"}]
  • Stiffened opening for easy access to chalk
  • Closure system prevents chalk from escaping

    Trad Chalk Bag

    The Trad is a large chalk bag for carrying lots of chalk on long routes.

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    Chalk Ball [{"Product Name":"Chalk Ball","Product Code":"DMMCBALLS","EAN":"5031290191227","Colour":"-","Weight":"56g","Size":"One size"}]
    • Pure Magnesium Carbonate for improving grip and drying sweaty hands
    • Chalk ball keeps chalk contained

      Chalk Ball

      Chalk balls keep chalk contained, and are sized to give your hands a good covering with just one squeeze.

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      Crushed Chalk Bag [{"Product Name":"Crushed Chalk Bag","Product Code":"DMMCBAG","EAN":"5031290196727","Colour":"-","Weight":"250g","Size":"-"}]
      • Pure Magnesium Carbonate for improving grip and drying sweaty hands
      • 250g of chalk gives many chalk bag refills, or fills up the largest boulder bucket.

        Crushed Chalk Bag

        The Crushed Chalk bag contains 250g of pure magnesium carbonate, enough for the biggest boulder bucket.

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        Crushed Chalk Tub [{"Product Name":"Chalk Tub","Product Code":"DMMCTUB","EAN":"5031290196734","Colour":"-","Weight":"100g","Size":"-"}]
        • Pure Magnesium Carbonate for improving grip and drying sweaty hands
        • Double lid tub design keeps chalk contained

          Crushed Chalk Tub

          The Chalk Tub contains 100g of pure magnesium carbonate, packaged in a robust tub for easy transportation.

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          Finger Tape [{"Product Name":"Finger Tape","Product Code":"DMMCFT25","EAN":"5031290196055","Colour":"","Weight":"-","Size":"25mm x 10m"}]
          • Low stretch for effective support
          • Sticky for secure hold

            Finger Tape

            Low stretch finger tape for injury support, and taping flappers and cuts.
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            Liquid Chalk [{"Product Name":"Liquid Chalk","Product Code":"DMMCLIQUID","EAN":"5031290193832","Colour":"-","Weight":"-","Size":"200ml"}]
            • Liquid chalk for long routes and boulder problems
            • Dries quickly to form a long lasting layer
            • More resistant to wearing off than dry chalk
            • Liquid form means less mess than dry chalk

              Liquid Chalk

              Liquid chalk forms a dry layer on your skin, keeping your hands dry on long routes and boulder problems where reaching for your chalk bag could spell failure.

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