Chimera Quickdraw

The Chimera carabiner's fully clean nose and 9kN open gate strength give snag free functionality and security.

Mounted on a Dynatec sling, the Chimera quickdraw is for those who refuse to compromise between weight and security.

Manufactured in tactical colours, it is suited to military and tactical climbing requirements in both mountain and urban environments. 

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Super-light carabiners are mounted on slim-line Dynatec to create quickdraws that minimise weight. These quickdraws are suitable for alpine climbing, trad onsighting, and any other scenario where minimum weight is desirable.
Product NameProduct CodeColourWeightLengthGate OpeningCertification
Chimera Quickdraw 12cmA398MG-12Matt Grey/Black69g12cm21mm EN12275:2013 B
Chimera Quickdraw 18cmA398MG-18Matt Grey/Black71g18cm21mm EN12275:2013 B
Chimera Quickdraw 25cmA398MG-25Matt Grey/Black74g25cm21mm EN12275:2013 B
Chimera Alpine QuickdrawA398MG-60Matt Grey74g60cm21mmEN12275:2013 B, EN566:2017