Petzl ASAP Lock

The Petzl ASAP is a mobile fall arrester which offers constant fall protection from arrests falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents. It works on both vertical or angled ropes and locks on the rope even if grabbed during the fall. 

An integrated locking function allows the user to immobilize the device in order to reduce the length of a fall. In case of a strong wind, this function also prevents the rope from being blown upward. 

It is both simple to use yet effective as it can move up or down the rope without any manual manipulation of the device. It’s easy to install and remove from the rope at any point during use. 

A connection arm makes the system drop-resistant when passing intermediate anchors. 

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Arrests falls, slides and uncontrolled descents and will lock on the rope even if grabbed during a fall.
Prouct NameProduct CodeWeightColourRope Compatability
Petzl ASAP LockPZB071BA00425gYellow10-13mm

Petzl ASAP Lock