Military & Tactical Abseil Devices

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Anka [{ "Product Name": "Anka", "Product Code": "A1100MG", "EAN": "5031290220002", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "169g", "Rope Diameter": "-", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" },{ "Product Name": "Anka", "Product Code": "A1100BLK", "EAN": "5031290101059", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "169g", "Rope Diameter": "-", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" }]
  • Abseil specific device for increased control when abseiling
  • Robust design for intensive use
  • Large surface area gives effective heat dissipation.
  • 90 degree offset ensures correct loading


    An abseil device that is purpose built for extended abseiling and heavy use.

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    Catch [{ "Product Name": "Catch", "Product Code": "CTC100MG", "Colour": "Matt Grey" },{ "Product Name": "Catch", "Product Code": "CTC100BLK", "Colour": "Black" }]
    • For use on approved 11mm ropes (EN 1891:1998) with maximum lanyard length (including connectors) of 800mm (single person).
    • No shock absorber required for either 100kg (single person) or 200kg rescue loads.
    • Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope and a large attachment eye for multiple connections.
    • Anodised side plates and non-aggressive stainless steel cams for corrosion resistance.


      A towable rope adjustment device commonly used as a back-up and positioning device. 

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      Figure of Eight [{ "Product Name": "Figure of Eight", "Product Code": "A1150MG", "EAN": "5031290213493", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "116g", "Rope Diameter": "", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" }]

        Figure of Eight

        The classic abseil device, ideal for walls and training centres running group abseil sessions.

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        Anthron DSD Plus [{ "Product Name": "Anthron DSD Plus", "Product Code": "DSDPLUS", "Colour": "Black" }]
        • Breaking load in excess of 25kN and an increased maximum working load of 200kg.
        • Recommended for descending up to a maximum load of 100m at a time.
        • Conforms to EN 341 (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height) with 11mm ropes.
        • Conforms to EN 12841 (Personal Fall Protection Equipment - Rope Access Systems) when used with ropes between 10mm and 12mm.

          Anthron DSD Plus

          Descender suitable for assisted descents, intervention techniques, evacuations, rescue, plain rope access and sport use.  

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