Military & Tactical Abseil Devices

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MiniEight [{ "Product Name": "MiniEight", "Weight": "60g", "Height": "92mm", "Width": "82mm", "Maximum Rope Diameter (Single)": "13mm", "Maximum Rope Diameter (Double)": "10.5mm", "Colour": "Black" }]


    Descender which accomodates a wide range of rope sizes. 

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    Petzl I'D S [{ "Product Name": "Petzl I'D S ", "Product Code": "PZD200S0", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "530g", "Rope Compatability": "10 - 11.5 mm" }]
    • The multi-function handle provides the user with a number of advantages such as moving easier on horizontal or inclined terrain and positioning themselves on the rope without tying off the device.
    • The anti-panic function activates if the user pulls too hard on the handle.
    • Anti-error catch reduces the risk of an accident due to incorrect stabilisation of the device on the rope.
    • The gate on the moving side plate helps prevent dropping the device and facilitates rope installation when passing intermediate anchors.
    • Lowers heavy loads up to 250kg.

      Petzl I'D S

      A self braking descender with a multi-function handle that allows control of the descent speed. 

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      Anka [{ "Product Name": "Anka", "Product Code": "A1100MG", "EAN": "5031290220002", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "169g", "Rope Diameter": "-", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" },{ "Product Name": "Anka", "Product Code": "A1100BLK", "EAN": "5031290101059", "Colour": "Black", "Weight": "169g", "Rope Diameter": "-", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" }]
      • Abseil specific device for increased control when abseiling
      • Robust design for intensive use
      • Large surface area gives effective heat dissipation.
      • 90 degree offset ensures correct loading


        An abseil device that is purpose built for extended abseiling and heavy use.

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        Catch [{ "Product Name": "Catch", "Product Code": "CTC100MG", "Colour": "Matt Grey" },{ "Product Name": "Catch", "Product Code": "CTC100BLK", "Colour": "Black" }]
        • For use on approved 11mm ropes (EN 1891:1998) with maximum lanyard length (including connectors) of 800mm (single person).
        • No shock absorber required for either 100kg (single person) or 200kg rescue loads.
        • Screw lockable for semi-permanent attachment to rope and a large attachment eye for multiple connections.
        • Anodised side plates and non-aggressive stainless steel cams for corrosion resistance.


          A towable rope adjustment device commonly used as a back-up and positioning device. 

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          Figure of Eight [{ "Product Name": "Figure of Eight", "Product Code": "A1150MG", "EAN": "5031290213493", "Colour": "Matt Grey", "Weight": "116g", "Rope Diameter": "", "Conformance": "EN15151-2:2013" }]
          • Abseil specific device for increased control when abseiling
          • Robust design for intensive use

            Figure of Eight

            The classic abseil device, ideal for walls and training centres running group abseil sessions.

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            Anthron DSD Plus [{ "Product Name": "Anthron DSD Plus", "Product Code": "DSDPLUS", "Colour": "Black" }]
            • Breaking load in excess of 25kN and an increased maximum working load of 200kg.
            • Recommended for descending up to a maximum load of 100m at a time.
            • Conforms to EN 341 (Personal Protective Equipment against falls from height) with 11mm ropes.
            • Conforms to EN 12841 (Personal Fall Protection Equipment - Rope Access Systems) when used with ropes between 10mm and 12mm.

              Anthron DSD Plus

              Descender suitable for assisted descents, intervention techniques, evacuations, rescue, plain rope access and sport use.  

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              Petzl Pirana [{ "Product Name": "Petzl Pirana", "Product Code": "PZD05 NOI", "Weight ": "90g", "Rope Compatibility": "Single ropes between 8-13mm diameter", "Colour": "Black" }]
              • Three braking positions.
              • Two extra friction spurs allow friction to be varied during descent.
              • When used with a carabiner with a cross-section of 12mm, it creates a rigid carabiner/descender unit that helps maintain noise discipline.
              • Stays attached to the harness during rope insertion, to help prevent loss.
              • Reduces the risk of leverage on the carabiner gate due to poor positioning.

                Petzl Pirana

                Descender offering multiple braking options which can be installed on the rope without removal from the harness. 

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