Halite Kraken

The Halite Kraken is a big volume waterproof bag for military and tactical maritime operations. It offers the highest level of water and dust protection and is fully immersible. 

The entire bag is constructed from extremely tough and durable, 840D double TPU fabric, which is designed to withstand the toughest conditions in extreme environments.

The bag features a YKK Aquaseal #10 waterproof zip with 300 bar hydrostatic head. The Aquaseal zip allows smooth and easy operation against severe weather conditions and extreme uses such as those during maritime operations. The zipper is made from high quality plastic and is perfect for use in saltwater environments. The long main zipper and unique end wing design gives easy access to the full compartment. 

The bag shape was chosen to offer ease of transportation by boat or on foot. End corner carry handles make hauling heavier loads easier, and the premium shoulder straps and carry handle offer different carrying options. 

An inner zipped pocket and internal compression straps ensure that the bags contents are secure. 

The Halkey Roberts oral inflation tube allows air to be introduced or removed to minimise volume and alter buoyancy of the bag. 

This is an extremely tough bag, capable of holding a lot of equipment and built to withstand harsh conditions such as those experienced during military operations. 

The Kraken comes in two sizes, 100L and 140L. 



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Designed to withstand the toughest environments during military operations.
Product NameProduct CodeVolumeColourWeightLengthWidthHeight
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-001100lBlazer-Flame2050g67cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-001100lFlame-Blazer2050g67cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-004100lCrocodile2050g67cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-006100lMulticam2050g67cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-005100lSlate2050g67cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0047-001140lFlame/Blazer2310g92cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0047-002140lBlazer/Flame2310g92cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0047-004140lCrocodile2310g92cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0047-006140lMulticam2310g92cm44cm37cm
Halite KrakenHAHLT0046-005140lSlate2310g92cm44cm37cm