Halite Fenris Recon

The Halite Fenris Recon is a slim profile, mid to large volume waterproof bag that balances the ability to carry large amounts of kit in a fully sealed bag with increased load stability and carrying comfort.
Duffel bags are great for hauling large amounts of equipment to remote locations, but once on your back are normally pretty uncomfortable to carry and unstable on rugged or steep terrain. The Fenris Recon changes that by using a very slim profile that sits close to your back and distributes the load evenly for a much more stable carry. The Fenris Recon also uses high quality shoulder straps that are designed to cope with heavy loads rather than being an afterthought. 
The bag incorporates an oral inflation tube that allows air to be introduced or removed to minimise volume and alter buoyancy of the bag. This allows excess air to be removed on a carry to further minimise gear moving around.
The Fenris Recon is built to be rugged and take abuse whilst offering the highest level of water and dust protection. The main body of the bag is constructed from a tough and waterproof 840D HT Double TPU coated Nylon fabric, whilst the sidewalls are manufactured from 420D HT Double TPU coated Nylon ripstop fabric, offering the perfect balance of durability and low weight. These materials are joined using a combination of high frequency welding and heavy duty stitching to create very strong connection points for the haul handles and straps.
The bag features a YKK Aquaseal #10 waterproof zip with 300 bar hydrostatic head. The Aquaseal zip allows smooth and easy operation in adverse conditions and the heavy gauge teeth work even in dusty/muddy conditions.. The long main zipper gives easy to access to gear which is fully protected. The zip has a toggle that fits into a housing at the end of the zip to avoid accidental opening. The bags are fully immersible and the inflation tube allows buoyancy to be altered so that it can sit above or below the waterline.
Tactical colourways (MultiCam/Crocodile/Slate) have additional features including an upgraded Halkey Roberts inflation tube and Velcro ID patches.
The Fenris Recon comes in two sizes 60L and 90L. 

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Load is carried close to the back adding stability and reducing tiredness on rugged terrain
Product NameProduct CodeVolumeColourWeightLengthWidthHeight
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0044-00160lFlame-Blazer1370g63cm36cm28cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0044-00260lBlazer-Flame1370g63cm36cm28cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0044-00460lCrocodile1370g63cm36cm28cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0044-00560lSlate1370g63cm36cm28cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0044-00660lMulticam1370g63cm36cm28cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0045-00190lFlame-Blazer1625g70cm43cm32cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0045-00290lBlazer-Flame1625g70cm43cm32cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0045-00490lCrocodile1625g70cm43cm32cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0045-00590lSlate1625g70cm43cm32cm
Halite Fenris ReconHAHLT0045-00690lMulticam1625g70cm43cm32cm