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Helix Tactical evolved from DMM International and DMM Engineering and are part of the same group.  We have been manufacturing height safety equipment for over 35 years in our factory in Llanberis in the UK.  We have a comprehensive capability to design, prototype, manufacture, test and certify personal protective equipment.
We have one of the largest forging plants and most comprehensive CNC plants in the UK and complement this with a sewing department that works with high strength textile webbings and ropes.
Helix Tactical complements these products with ranges from Henriksen and CTOMS, in addition, Helix Tactical offers training and servicing on all the products and capabilities we offer. This includes topics such as PPE inspection and CTOMS TRACE training.

DMM Manufacturing Capability
  • More than 35 years of manufacturing class leading vertical access equipment.
  • Turnkey manufacturing solution. Full control of all the manufacturing processes ensures the safest and highest quality in all products. DMM perform all operations on site from the testing of raw material to the final assembly and inspection of our equipment and systems.
  • Significant investment in a state of the art manufacturing facility delivering complete solutions. Our hot forging plant and cutting edge CNC facility are complimented by a large sewing that delivers complete vertical access solutions facility that allows us to build product into PPE systems.
  • The factory’s capability includes design, prototyping and testing as well as forging, heat treatment, CNC machining and sewing.
  • Significant investment in the latest machinery and technology including RFID enabled products.
  • Modern, self-contained facility that covers 40,000m and employs 200 people.
DMM Technical Knowledge and Quality
  • First Welsh company to be awarded International ISO 9001 quality certification.
  • DMM International are an active member and standards setter in the two leading international committees that set and implement technical and safety standards for climbing equipment. DMM sit on the CEN Technical Committee (sets the standards for the European Union) and UIAA Technical Committee (sets International + USA standards).
  • We manufacture equipment to the full range of international standards:
    • ANSI: (American National Standards Institute) The governing body for standards and safety in the United States of America.
    • CSA: The Canadian Standards Authority, whose certification is recognized internationally.
    • IRATA: (International Rope Access Trade Association) The main global trade association in >> the work at height sector.
    • CEN: (Comité Européen de Normilisation) The organisation that defines standards within the European Union.
    • UIAA: (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) The leading international standards organisation in mountaineering.
Supply and Support

In addition, having our own production plant offers customers the following additional advantages:
  • Minimal supply chain.
  • Flexibility to produce bespoke products.
  • Fast response to orders for custom colours.
  • On-site training on using all our products.
We have over 20 years of experience in working with various NATO forces helping them to improve tactical capability when operating at height; reducing the weight burden and pack size of equipment that needs to be carried, making kit that is as versatile as possible to minimise redundancy, using advanced techniques to reduce objective dangers from heat or sharp edges, making systems that deploy quickly and work efficiently under difficult conditions.

Above all we work hard to establish strong relationships that are built on trust.

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